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Protecting Your Intellectual Property If a creator has finished n output, the first that he’ll be thinking is guarding his intellectual property. The creator’s product can be any type of output. A product through manufacturing, information technology, arts, science, or sports can be the output of any creator. The producer should defend that he is the one who made the newly output. Rights from the intellectual property law will be provided to the creator once he has proven that it is his original work. There are multiple kinds of intellectual property laws such as the copyright and trademark. The most affected group of people in the difference of copyright and trademark are the entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, and musicians. This can be answered best through reviewing the legal documents of the state. Any design, number, word, or a combination of these can be used as a permanent symbol to form a trademark to any products or services offered to the public. Meanwhile, a copyright protects the originality of a published work such as paintings, discs, and books. The misunderstanding of this issue appears when one’s rights and laws are being conflicted by the other. Explained below are the differences of the two. A copyright is automatically given when the author had already finished and published his book. An author can immediately have his copyright without registering on a U.S. Copyright Office or waiting for a copyright confirmation. Compared to the trademark law, once a copyright is now granted to an original work, it has six significant restricted legal rights. When the consumer association has a chosen reliable trademark, the trademark’s worth is higher resulting ti a more consumed products and services. In other words, a symbol can be said firmly that it is qualified for trademark protection if it is authentic. Meanwhile the worth of a copyright comes from the special rights given by the law, its authenticity, and commercial demand.
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The only protected part of the copyright is just the illustration and not the complete whole thought. Applying a copyright on names, titles, phrases, and slogans is useless since the copyright law exempts these from its protection. These items not accepted by a copyright can be accepted in a trademark. The United States’ law on trademark protection is timeless since it just needs to be active in its industry. Unlike trademark, the copyright protection has its limit on time. It is based on the life time of its producer plus 70 years.
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Any work can be awarded with the right protection with no misunderstandings when the owner is responsible and has the knowledge on the laws of a copyright and a trademark.