Latest From Kristin – Sawyer, Kate, Finale Death And More

Menang CemeGisselle in Tampa, Fla.: When are Sawyer and Kate getting back together on Lost?

No time in season five, but check back for season six. You should like what you see… (P.S. Exec prod Eddy Kitsis says, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, “Season six is free to be you and me. Do what you feel.”)

Melva in Orlando: My favorite Lost characters have remained Jack, Charlie, Boone and Sayid since the first ep. I’m down by two. So, can you help a sister out: Are Jack and Sayid a sure bet to live through next season? I can’t imagine a Lost series finale without either of them!

No promises about a series finale, but neither Jack nor Sayid are the major Lost death happening in season five.

Tony in Hoboken, N.J.: Hey, guys, any word yet on what the code name for the Lost finale’s simpulan scene will be?

Yes. It’s not as boring as “The Bagel,” but not as laugh-out-loud silly as “Frozen Donkey Wheel.” This year’s name was chosen from fan submissions, and the winning name is…”The Fork in the Outlet,” according to ABC reps. The actual episode, though, is titled “The Incident.” Sounds like the Losties are going to be messing with the electromagnetic power of the Island, to return to the future or to unleash the metal-shavings monster. (Remember what Michael Emerson told us about Smokey? “I think it all has something to do with metallic dust. I think the smoke monster is connected to that ring of powder that surrounds Jacob’s cabin. They’ve established that there are supermagnetic forces at work on the Island, so what better medium for those forces to work through than through fine filings of metal.”)

Source: E Online